What to wear in Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2020?

What to wear in Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2020?

What to wear in Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2020?

What to wear in Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2020?

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

Winston Churchill

Are you still thinking about what to wear for the upcoming celebrations? Or you have not planned anything yet and will repeat any casual wear for the most awaited parties of the year?

The final journey of December to cherish our past and look forward to a new beginning of 2020 has begun. And you definitely can’t wear just any clothes for these special occasions. We understand that it is difficult for a man to go through the trend and then decide what to wear. So, we won’t let you waste your time checking piles of magazines and catalogs to figure out what to wear for this festive time of the year.

This blog will help you to sort out your closet for winter and it will take only a few minutes of your busy schedule.  We will share different looks for different events which will make you the center of attraction for your colleagues, friends, and family.

People generally believe that it’s easy to dress up as a man, you pull up your denim, tee, and sneakers and voila you are ready to go out. Well, we believe it is necessary even for a man to dress up, not only to impress the opposite gender but to unleash the feel-good factor. They have to keep in mind the social setting, latest fashion, new colors, patterns and designs to be a trendsetter. 

  1. Christmas/New Year’s Eve office dinner look

What to wear in Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2020?

Why can’t even Indian corporate men carry suit confidently? Today suit is not restricted to a serious office meeting, it has moved from formal to informal settings and you can wear it anywhere, anytime. From the unfussy chic look for a gathering with coworkers to the most polished suit to flatter on the 31st evening, you have every right to explore this piece of art.

Christmas season has a touch of festivity, joyfulness, warmness, and an aura of positivity. This is the perfect time to opt for a tailored suit that reminds us of yesteryear. You can try fresh colors and patterns then mix and match trendy coats and pants for a smart-casual look. One can’t get wrong with a hand-made suit and its ideal fitting on any size. A woolen Peacoat or Bomber/Flight jacket of nylon or polyester can be donned on a suit to fight the harsh weather.

We promise you will not be just anyone in the crowd, an invisible spotlight is guaranteed with clean line embroidery and shape of the suit. It is a long-lasting investment that you will never regret; time and again you will look for occasions to slip on your favorite suit to mark your style statement.

  1. Not so official get together after working hours

What to wear in Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2020?

Men are social animals and never miss a chance to meet and greet with office friends over drinks or Christmas dinners. Casual apparel without being over the top is the right option for going out in a non-formal restaurant.

A corduroy is a classic option for winter wardrobe which is in vogue. It will easily merge before and after working hours look. Cropped trousers are an alternative to full-fledged formal trousers. Men can get creative and add interesting socks and sharp shoes to team up with these trousers. Plaid pants are a good option for guys who like to show their edgy style while staying subtle. 

You have to come out of your comfort zone, go through the current trends. Then try the clothes; don’t skip that step because new cut & design is not for everyone. Play with seasonal colors, patterns, prints and give it a personal touch to look exotic.

  1. Going out with friends look

What to wear in Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2020?

We can be ourselves among homies but please don’t even try to touch your hoodie or pullover with denim. You have to look special in this festive season no matter if you’re hanging out with your boys. For guys who like to keep it simple yet stylish can either choose Parka/Anorak coat, we will recommend it for athletic body type for others Military jacket with flannels or sweater is a good choice.

A leather biker jacket is our all-time beloved pick for an unfussy outing with lads. This piece of cloth is super precious; if you don’t possess one then you have to buy it immediately. Every famous actor has donned this jacket at some point in his career. Choose the right cut, fitting and design depending on your age and build.

Winter is the perfect time to experiment with various pant designs and fabrics. We would suggest camel traveler pants and moleskin pants but go beyond repetitive texture and shade and pair it with a jacket. 

If you can’t do without your denim then young men with fine legs should wear slim fit in black or indigo color. Invest in branded distress jeans, DIY is not everyone’s cup of tea. Again we would advise you to not be lazy, go try first and then decide whether you want to buy it or not. There are many varieties in the market to choose from, seek new colors, cuts and fabric. Darker tones can be mixed and matched with a wide variety of palettes. The evergreen rule is to spend well on denim it pays off in the long run and 4-5 is enough for your entire clothing. 

  1. Family get-together look

What to wear in Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2020?

Home is as warm as wool and winter aren’t complete without woolen clothes. Comfort is the utmost priority to spend quality time with dear family. So, keep in mind to choose a material which gives you extra space to hog on mom’s delicious food.

Wool pants are super cozy which makes it a perfect pair for Christmas holiday at home. But be careful while choosing the right shoes to pair with these pants. You can try boots, sneakers, chukkas or dress shoes and color coordinate it with your pants. Before you leave for an event, don’t be shy to have a glance of yourself in the mirror, no one else can give honest feedback to you than yourself.

Winter is incomplete without knitted sweater collection, out of all the collections; Fair Isle is the sweater for this festive season. Some may love it while others might not for its pattern. Cable knit sweater with pants is the ultimate look for a family get-together. Turtle/roll neck is our personal favorite for keeping us extra warm without adding a muffler. You can also try crewneck with a shirt, quarter zip for an elegant look, V-neck looks best with a T-shirt, fisherman, and shawl-collar are also quite suitable options to keep in mind. 

  1. Winter dinner date look

What to wear in Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2020?

What you wear on a dinner date can make or break the situation. Even if you know your date since ages this doesn’t give you the liberty to look shabby and mind you the girl will leave no stone unturned for her 100th date as well.

It is very important to plan your outfit in advance based on where you’re going, consider the venue because the atmosphere matters. Girls don’t expect you to look Hrithik Roshan still they look forward to meeting a guy with decent dressing sense.

We agree that dressing up for the summer dinner date is lighter than the winter one. No worries, we’ll guide you on how to look your best on a chilly night. Tailored blazer or dress down suit with attention to fitting is the first pick for a special dinner night. If you’re heading straight after office to meet up then you may swap the formal shirt for a knitted polo or roll neck.

If you’re going out for a casual dinner with drinks and have time to change after working hours then make an effort to look proper with trousers along with a statement jacket. A bomber or biker jacket can be clubbed with patterned trousers or woolen chinos for a relaxed evening. A jacket can be switched with a cable knit jumper for a subtle look. 

And yes, our last advice would be to make the table reservation beforehand to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

  1. Traveler look for adventure seekers

What to wear in Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2020?

This style is for men who are outdoorsy and plans to celebrate this New Year climbing the mountain or exploring a new place. A traveler doesn’t go out to impress anyone; he is out to experience life on his terms. Therefore, he is careless yet stylish because he doesn’t follow any set of fashion rules.

Travelers can wear anything and nobody can judge them. Denim should be their comfort dress; in fact, the overall denim look is in for autumn/winter 2019. Layer your over-sized denim jacket with another jacket of different texture. Guys with athletic physiques should try a jacket-over-jacket trend. Men on the heavier side should stick to a single durable layer. Fleece coats over shrugs are another option for cold temperatures.

Scarves are evergreen accessory and recommended by style pundits for every winter. Hikers can rely on gigantic scarves on any given day for its warmth and you should try crazy colors to suit your mood. Bomber jacket over a sweatshirt is a practical choice to cover your head while traveling. This can be worn with winter joggers and sneakers, boots or trekking shoes.

  1. How to accessorize in winter

What to wear in Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2020?

We have witnessed men struggling to accessorize especially during winter. So, we thought of adding the bonus read for the X factor in your overall appearance.


  • Sunglasses: You have to step out of the home with goggles which is a wardrobe essential. It not only protects you from harmful rays but even covers your lenses against dust.
  • Watch: A man who wears a watch is always taken seriously. End of the discussion!
  • Cap: You can either pick a classic winter headwear with a suit or a beanie with casual wear. Simple, isn’t it?
  • Wool Scarf/Silk scarves: Again it depends largely on your medley of clothes. Huge wool scarves are in trend for this season. Save silk scarves for a special occasion.
  • Wool socks: Spend well on wool socks. You can also try creative and cool socks to make it a fun day.
  • Wool Gloves/Leather gloves: Leather gloves can be a refined accessory but don’t overdo the material otherwise you may end up looking like a villain from an old Hollywood movie.
  • Belt: Just match it with your shoe color to coordinate with the attire. The micro-adjustable belt buckle is more comfortable than the regular one.
  • Cologne: Yes, it is an accessory for both men and women. Your look isn’t complete without the way you smell. For winters select strong cologne as you wear multiple layers of clothing through the day & night, for more information on accessories Click here


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