What you should wear for passport Photo?

What you should wear for passport Photo?

We guarantee that most of you are not happy with the Aadhar card pictures that are taken long ago, and you are sitting idle, blaming the quality of the picture even there is an option to update your picture on Aadhar. Nobody wants to mess up with passport pictures just like we all did it with Aadhar card, Right? The best solution to avoid messing up is to dress with the right apparel. So, how will you know whether it is the right apparel or not? Do not worry we got your back! You will learn what apparel to wear for passport photos.

Well, before entering into what you should wear, you must know what not to wear and avoid bad practices while going to passport Seva Kendra. Because once the passport picture is taken it’ll be valid for the next ten years. We are sure that you do want to look good, right? So, do not repeat the mistakes that you have done in the past, but as a friendly reminder, we will again tell you some points to avoid doing it. The Don’ts for Passport photos as follows:

  • Hats – Do not wear hats at any cost unless it is a religious practice like the Sikh Punjabi turban. Even if you want to wear, you have to submit a letter explaining the religious aspects to get approved.
  • Lengthy Hairs – When you are heading to a passport to get your photo printed, then it is not a good time to have long hairs with funky styles.
  • Headband accessories – There are so many rejected passports because of the headband accessory reasons. Do not wear any accessories when you go to get your passport photo.
  • Glasses – The specs are the major issue while clicking for the photo. It reflects the light that makes your face blur and leads to rejection of a passport. So, do not wear the glasses while getting the passport picture.
  • Avoid White – Avoid wearing white colour shirts or T-shirts to get your passport done. Most of the passport pictures are taken with a white background. If you wear white apparel, it doesn’t look nice.
  • Avoid printed Tees – Try to look formal and classic, do not wear any trendy clothes or printed t-shirts for passport pictures.

What you should wear for passport Photo?

Once all the above points are taken care of, you are free to go with the right clothes to passport Seva Kendra. Put your best face forward by doing the right trim, makeup, and hairstyles. You just have to be the best version of yourself in every possible way. When it comes to top wear for men, always prefer a formal shirt with or without checks based on your fashion and comfort. But do not go with black or white, go with any other colour according to your preference and skin tone. We are sure that there will be one colour where everyone praises you! Go for that colour, and you will be good at passport photos.

Make sure that you are completely satisfied with your passport click otherwise you are going to regret it for the coming 10 years. So, the readers already having passports, do not hesitate to share your experience in the comment box below.


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