World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

As we all know cancer is one of the deadliest disease and on reading this note some of the people might feel sad remembering someone who have lost their loved ones and some people might feel happy because of their loved ones have recovered from this trauma, living their lives happily today.

It requires more courage and mental power to overcome this not only for the affected persons but also for their kith and kin. As we all know today is World Cancer Day. Every year on 4th of February this day is celebrated to create awareness about this particular disease, its prevention methods and treatments. World cancer day is celebrated by UICC (Union for international Cancer Control)

Let’s understand some of the basic details about cancer and how to overcome this,


Cancers occurs when there is a change happening in the normal body cells, resulting in abnormal growth forming lumps called tumor. Leaving this untreated results in affecting the functions of body parts and leading to death


There are some important tips to prevent you from this deadliest disease. We have listed a few below

  1. Stop Using Tobacco – Even the tobacco pack comes with the warning of tobacco kills and we people still use this even after knowing the causes and effects. Stop smoking. Cigars not only affect your lungs but your surroundings too.
  2. Say No to Alcohol – Alcohol is the most consumed drink among people now-a-days. So say no to these deadly beverages as soon as possible.
  3. Eat a healthy diet – Eat healthy, live healthy is the famous statement everyone hears. Today’s world is available with more of junks than the good ones. Eat fresh and healthy vegetables. Follow a proper diet plan to your food routine. This helps you from becoming obese and keeps you healthy
  4. Stay Fit – Taking care of your body helps you a lot to maintain your metabolism. Maintain a proper physical and mental health. Do exercises on regular basis at least some basic things to let the sweat out. Follow the mental health as today’s generation never understand the importance of mental health. Your mindset is the person as you become. So take care of both in the first Place.
  5. Vaccinated – Yes cancer is a deadly disease but still it can be prevented using some vaccines like Hepatitis B and Human Papilloma virus to save yourselves from the tumors
  6. Avoid Sun – We all the sun helps a lot in our daily activities but not all the rays from sun are helpful. Avoid midday sun, use proper sunscreen creams, minimize exposing yourself to sun etc.,
  7. Regular Medical care – The most important thing is taking care of yourself with proper medical practices. Self-examinations and some normal scans would help you to prevent yourself from major risks.

How to prevent cancer? - World Cancer Day


There are lots of types of cancers like blood cancer, Brain tumors etc., When thinking of the causes of cancer it includes a lot like your age, food cycle, diet, alcohol intake, tobacco consumption, physical activities and much more. Some cancers are because of genetic disorders.

There are certain parameters where you should start detecting the disease before it causes any big issue further. Cancer is detected using different parameters such as CT scan, MRI Scan, etc., Biopsy is another important test, if the result is positive you should start planning for the treatment with the doctor.

How to detect Cancer? - World Cancer Day


Science have developed a lot, more number of treatments are available today including chemotherapy, Surgery, Bone marrow transplant, Hormone therapy, Immuno therapy etc., Based on the types of cancer the treatment also differs. Once you or your loved ones got detected with this start the treatment immediately without any hesitations.

Cancer Treatment - World Cancer Day

Yes, we all know cancer is deadliest but still we together can prevent this disease and can treat it once after affected. All we can do is stay positive and a strongest willpower to overcome. There are lot of awareness programs, helping hands for this let’s do the best for the needful. Sending you all the positivity and prayers,


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