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Trousers for Men - The New BFF

Trousers for Men - The New BFF


Trousers for men are one of the best inventions ever in the recent centuries and they have eventually turned out to be best friends forever, for men can't always roam around in robes or kimono’s. The key attribute of trousers is that they hang well with the body which provides a clean and sharp outlook when paired correctly. Men should keep refreshing their wardrobe with the trend and explore new fashion trends. There are many trousers alternatives to formal trousers. Wondering How ? Check yourself whether you have a  fair number of trouser collection. If not, then it's time to upgrade yourself with these types such as pleated, high waisted, cropped, chinos etc. As per fashion experts, seven varieties are a good number in your wardrobe. A properly worn trousers will always give you the confidence to step outside to face the world. Fashion is where style speaks, i.e,  each person has their own fashion style statement that speaks of their personality.

What Makes a Good Trouser?

When it comes to trousers for men fabric, fit and styling plays a major priority. There are different types of fits such as skinny, slim, regular, relaxed, moderate etc. Millennial consumers tend to follow hipster trends and they prefer a slim or skinny fit. But choosing the fit is subjective as it depends on one’s body type and each fit is apt for different kind of body. Slim fit has that snug tight fit through the legs and gives good comfort and look.Good trousers for men will always tend to possess a good fabric quality, style and fit. The trousers should be stretchable, soft and comfortable to the wearer as it plays a major role today in men's fashion. Trousers by virtue of their style & fit can be worn for both casual and office wear.

Busting all your fashion bubbles:

Pairing the right trousers according to the fit, style and occasions makes the outcome great. Most men fail to buy or style their trousers in their own way. Have the right accessories to add to your look. Here are some tips to pair them wisely:

Pair up a dark grey slim fit trousers with a black shirt and grey blazer and team up with a pair of  oxford formal shoes for that classy look.

Gear up with black cropped trousers with a white t-shirt with loafers to get a classic casual look.

Pair your khaki slim fit trousers with a dark navy blue shirt and complete the look with a pair of brown shoes and keep trending with these looks.

Consider pairing an olive green banded collar shirt with light grey slim-fit trousers and slip into a pair of  brown formal shoes. And Voila, you are good to go!

Spectra Trousers - Classic Polo 

Spectra collections are slim-fit pairs of trousers for men from classic polo which is made of high-density satin stretch fabric. Satin is not made of fibre it is stretch cotton satin and it is one of the three major textile weaves. It is soft, smooth and considerably dense. There are many ways to achieve the various look from casual to business. It is available in eight cool colours that are made to match all your occasions. The satin weave fabric is made with 98% premium cotton and 2% elastane which gives excellent comfort and stretch for day-to-day regular usage. There are three attributes of satin stretch that is crease, shape and natural stretch resistance as it allows the fabric to resume back to its shape after every wear. 

Classic Polo is one of India’s finest mid-premium brands that produce A-Z of men's wardrobes with great quality & style. They provide superior quality trousers and all other mens apparel. Classic Polo has never failed to meet its customers expectations and the brand’s ultimate aim is to satisfy all men in their fashion lifestyle. Shop at Classic Polo and upgrade your outdated wardrobe with a wide range of stylish collections. Classic polo, a brand that you can trust for its superior quality fabric & everlasting style!


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