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Everyone is uniquely different in a peculiar way. Take your time to introspect on your personality. Style is not just a superficial idea it is an in-depth concept which needs deeper understanding. Dressing style should evolve around your lifestyle and profession. Simply copying a trendy fad will not depict  unique side of your persona.

A man has various facets beyond his job, explore the other side and dress accordingly.  Be updated on the latest trends which are suitable for you. We encourage adaptation of new colours, designs and silhouettes matching your physical features.

A unique streak in you should be the reason for your confidence, be proud to showcase it publicly. Strike a balance between the newest fashion and your exclusiveness to stay stylish without limitations . All the popular style icons like Justin Trudeau, Dev Anand, George Clooney, Brad Pitt etc. had to work on their charisma for years to create the ultimate image which we admire. Today they are exceptional and followed by many. Listen to your instincts and follow your heart!     




Senior Journalist, Classic Polo Customer

"I got a Classic Polo T-shirt about 15 years ago and still wearing it. I want a similar one from you."  

Prashant Gupta

Classic Polo Business Partner 

"Since 2005 I have trading Classic Polo products from various distributors throughout India. In AW '20 collection, product range is between 699 to 1799/- with amazing fabric, wide varieties and colour combination.They are now targeting the youth with Graphic t-shirts."  

Ramandeep Singh

B & S Dealer

"We have been dealing with Classic Polo for 5 + years. There is no doubt on product quality and sales person. Customers are demanding for Classic Polo products and they have excellent response in all the categories."  

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