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Best Polo T-shirts for men - The Essential Clothing

Best Polo T-shirts for men - The Essential Clothing


Polo T-shirt:

Polo T-shirts for men are considered a go-to choice that never goes out of style. It provides a comfortable and classy look and are extremely versatile in men's clothing that makes it a staple choice in every man's wardrobe. Polo T-shirts play a major role when it comes to men's fashion and are widely used by all age groups. The most commonly used fabrics in manufacturing Polo T-shirts are cotton and poly blends.  T-shirts are mostly wrinkle-free and unlikely to shrink. It has moisture-wicking properties that helps absorb sweat and moisture. It is considered a perfect ensemble between casual and formal wear as it is adaptable for any kind of occasion if paired correctly. Men can never refuse to a Polo T-shirt as it gives them a perfect look, fit and comfort. It is easy to find a Polo T-shirt but finding the right quality T-shirt is still a challenge. There are different  types of Polo T-shirts available such as pique, grindle, melange, short sleeve, long sleeve, wool, and sportswear Polo T-shirts, etc. Ideally every gentleman should have atleast a few Polo T-shirt collecion from sportswear to leisurewear. There are certain do's and don'ts to wear a polo t-shirt.

Styling a Polo T-shirt:

Buying your clothes is a breeze, but styling it is extremely vital. An essential guide to choose the right Polo T-shirt for you are its - cut, length, color, brand, and fit. Fit is the key to every outfit to get an amazing and perfect look. Here are four cool ways to style Polo T-shirt:

styling polo t-shirt

Polo t-shirt with chinos:

Chinos are the best choice to pair with a Polo T-shirt as they both fall between semi-casual and semi-formal. You can get a polished and sleek look by tucking the t-shirt.

Get a classy look by pairing a dark navy blue Polo T-shirt with cream color chinos and complete the look with white sneakers.

polo t-shirt with chinos

Polo t-shirt with shorts:

During summer, level up your look with a cool Polo T-shirt and shorts. Choose black or white for a seamless and enduring look or try experimenting with a new color mix.

Gear up by combining a wine color Polo T-shirt with white shorts and finish the look with casual loafers and coolers.

polo t-shirt with shorts

Polo t-shirt with jeans:

Wear a Polo T-shirt with jeans to keep it casual and comfortable. The relaxed clothing will provide a casual vibe.

Go on trending on a Friday office by wearing a mint green Polo T-shirt with black denim and casual shoes.

polo t-shirt paired with jeans

Polo T-shirt and  formal pants:

Wearing a pilot shirt with formal pants will give a smart and formal outfit. The polo t-shirt for men is a more refined version of a classic T-shirt that can be worn for formal occasions also. Don't be afraid to splash a look at the workplace.

Pair a dark green polo t-shirt with steel grey slim-fit trousers and complete the look with white sneakers.

polo t-shirt with formal pant

Grab a perfect Polo T-shirt from Classic Polo:

Men's wardrobes will be filled with more varieties of T-shirts, especially a few Polo T-shirts. Some Men lack fashion sense and end up buying a wrong choice of T-shirts. Classic Polo is one of India’s finest mid-premium brands that produce A-Z of men's wardrobes with great quality & style. Classic polo is known for its reputation, quality and satisfaction  they provide to the ultimate consumers. It is based in Tirupur city which is known as the hub for textile industries in South India. Their Toza  Polo T-shirt collections are made of 100% pure environment-friendly  cotton, which gives an ultimate comfort feel to the wearer. It has half sleeves detailed with contrast jacquard tipping on the collar and cuffs and is made of pique melange cotton fabric with a slim fit and is available in a wide range of colors. 

So Why wait? Go grab the perfect polo T-shirt for men from your nearest Classic Polo outlet or from ClassicPolo website and have a comfortable and trending lifestyle.



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