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Linen shirts - A Wardrobe Staple for Men

Linen shirts - A Wardrobe Staple for MenLinen shirts for men


“Linen”, the premium quality fabric, has never lost its popularity in the fashion industry. It is one of the oldest fabrics ever found that has been in usage since several centuries. It is highly biodegradable and one of the stylish fabrics from history. This natural fabric always remains first choice when it comes to shirts, as it is a stronger fabric made from naturally grown fiber. Investing in a good collection of linen will give you value for the buck as they stay strong and elegant even after multiple usage uses. They especially go hand in hand during warmer months as linen keeps you comfortable without compromising on style. It effectively absorbs perspiration, and wicks moisture, and as well regulates the body temperature. They combat many washes and get softer over time. People who choose to prefer sustainability, linen are always their primary choice of clothing. Linen shirts for men  goes well with all kinds of skin tones, physique & body shapes too. Whether you are muscular or thin linen shirt does go well with any body type and is appropriate for any season or occasion. Embrace the fashion trend with the best linen shirt collection. 

Linen fabric- Facts

  • The closely knitted weave makes linen fabric a perfect quality.
  • Imperfections on the fabric weave are signs of 100% pure linen fabric.
  • Linen lasts for three to five years when maintained properly.
  • Pure linen fabrics don't stretch
  • The fibers in the fabric are environmentally sustainable fashion
  • Linen allows for more breathability, because of longer fibers and looser weaves.
  • It is the strongest and most durable fabric.
  • Is thermoregulatory keeps warmer during winter and cooler during summer. 
  • It is an anti odor and helps regulates healthy air flow, and offers protection from germs and other micro organism.  

linen fabrics are sustainable

Occasions to wear linen shirts:

Casual wear:

Hitting down-town all-day? The thumb rule is to keep it simple and casual. Everyday wear should be more comfortable and stylish. The characteristics of linen prescribes that it can also be aptly worn for casual occasions.  

Keep it casual- pair a green half sleeve linen shirt with black slim-fit trousers and complete the cool look a pair of  loafers. Mens casual wear outfit ideas

Formal wear:

Linen shirts can be considered both formal and casual wear, depending on how one styles them. When it comes to a formal  wear, full linen suit itself is a great choice it can be a good outfit for an office event or a wedding.

Pair a white shirt with a light blue suit and finish the look with oxford shoes which gives it a perfect look.

linen shirts for all occasions


People wonder if linen shirts are beachwear. Yes, linen is a great option to wear at a hot sunny day at the beach.It provides a cool, comfortable and stylish look that remains unique. 

Pair an orange linen shirt with a cotton white t-shirt and complete the look with a light color chinos shorts and slide on sandals.

Weekend wear:

Whether it is a Sunday brunch or a date night, linen shirts are a comfortable option while you guzzle down those drinks or food and still appear stylish. As the fashionists says, linen can be a go-to option for any occasion and a never-ending fashion.

Get your weekend vibe by pairing a light blue shirt with black or white jeans and boat shoes.

linen shirts with premium quality


Shop at Classic Polo:

Linen shirts will never show you over or underdressed. Always choose a premium quality linen shirt as it gives you a perfect look and sustainability. One should be confident in whatever outfit one wears to attain a stylish look. It is suggested to have at least three linen shirts:, navy and white. Choose a reputed brand, which suits your taste and budget.

Wondering where to shop for the best linen shirt? Classic Polo would always be a right choice for men. It is one of India's finest mid-premium brand with great quality & style. It is highly regarded as a fashion brand in satisfying men's apparel fashion. The “Porsh” - Irish linen shirts are manufactured with high-quality raw materials and meticulous processing. It is made of 80% Irish linen and 20% cotton to give you the perfect blend of fit, style and comfort. Style it with the right pair of trousers, chinos or denim for a perfect look. Update your wardrobe with the most stylish and trendy Men’s clothing collections from your nearest Classic polo outlet or from their website

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