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Perfect ideas for men’s Vest

Perfect ideas for men’s Vest


Vest’s plays a crucial role in making men feel comfortable and at peace. A men’s vest is also known as an undershirt, it is an innerwear worn on the upper part of the body that may or may not have sleeves. It comes from the French word, ‘Veste’ that translates to sports coat or jacket. Men’s innerwear vest is worn as casual innerwear under your shirt or as formal wear on top of the shirt and beneath the suit. In India, usually, a vest is popularly known as a ‘Baniyan’. The men's vests are an absolute necessity for hot and humid climatic conditions, as it absorbs the sweat and prevents spreading sweat stains on the shirt. Most people think of vests as two different types of apparel. They are the same - one that is worn inside is commonly known as a vest and one that is worn outside of the shirt is known as a waistcoat. Vests are normally made from 100% pure combed cotton fabric. There are different types of vests available such as the sleeveless, square neck, muscle tee, tank top, etc. Men should choose the right vest as per their comfort, utility, fit and season. 

why should men wear vest

Why should you wear vests?

The vest is a classic and most popular Men’s wear that adds a dash of style to the person. It is not just on a fashion aspect, it can be worn during bicycling, jogging, gym, and other physical activities to provide a good sweat and moisture absorbency. Mostly sleeveless it allows free movement of arms, and hence is a great choice for casual and sportswear. The vests act as an undershirt thus making the top wear a less transparent. A men’s vest is a functional piece of innerwear and its important role is to prevent the outerwear from coming in direct contact with the skin. The main two benefits of wearing vests are: one, that in case the fabric of the outerwear is rough or scratchy, the vest that is usually made of soft, skin-friendly fabric protects the skin from chafing and irritation. Secondly, the vest tends to absorb the sweat and keep the outerwear dry and stain-free. A well-fitted vest can improve the form and fit of the outerwear. There are different types of gym vest available for men.

do's and don'ts in choosing a vest 

Do’s and Don'ts in choosing a vest:

1.Pick the right color:

Vests don't need to come in white or black. Those days are outdated when men wore the classic white coloured vests. Nowadays it comes in different colors, so pick the right ones that will match your mood, the color of your shirt or t-shirt. Here are some color combos for dark skin tones.

  1. Do pick the right fitting:

Vests are not supposed to be worn loosely, as they are meant to give you a close body hugging fit. Wrong size vests will make you uncomfortable and gives your clothes a mis-fit. Know the difference between slim fit and regular fit.

  1. Don’t replace vests:

Believe it or not, many men out there confuse t-shirts to be vested. They end up paying for half-sleeved t-shirts thinking it to be a crew-neck vest. There is always a difference that vests are thinner than t-shirts. 

  1. Don’t show off vests:

Showing off vests from unbuttoned shirts or the visibility of vest lining is always a strict no. It is the only fashion blunder that men are not aware of, therefore it is recommended to go for v-neck vests. 

Grab your perfect vests from Classic Polo:

When comfort and quality are the priority, then Classic Polo is the only best choice for men. A classic polo is India's finest mid-premium brand in manufacturing everyday essentials for men with great quality and style. The Maestro RN Premium Men’s Cotton Vests are fabricated with100% premium combed cotton that is gentle on the skin and has a good level of  sweat and moisture absorption. Vests are generally known for their whiteness, that's why Class Polo’s Meastro Vests are especially made with protonic white technology for everlasting whiteners. The crafted armhole and neck cut are for maximum flexibility and movement to the wearer.  

Level up your everyday wardrobe with Classic Polo’s RN vest, opting for comfort, quality, and patterns to reflect your personality. Shop at your nearest Classic Polo outlet or from  











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