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Polo T-shirts  for mens  An Iconic Fashion

Polo T-shirts - An Iconic Fashion


Polo T-shirts for men are always a classic choice of clothing in fashion. Generally, it is suggested that one should own at least two to three polo T-shirts in different colors and one or two rugby poloT-shirts. The pique polo T-shirt that we are familiar is a short-sleeved t-shirt with a top row of buttons and a collar. It was first designed for playing tennis in France in 1929. As a general rule, it's better to stick to a  plain polo shirt when you're trying them out for the first time and try to experiment with more neutral and solid colors. White, black, navy, and grey will offer you the most versatility as they work with all skin tones and body physiques. Premium T-shirts are made with 100% high-quality, pre-shrunk cotton fabrics. That means no itchy synthetic fibers, and no shrinking or shape-changing after your T-shirt has gone through many washes. Cotton is always a great go-to option in summer, as it ticks all the boxes for comfortable clothing. It's harvested from plants, so it's natural and it is typically lightweight and high breathability, absorbent, and can also be super soft. These qualities make the T-shirt odorless unlike polyester and synthetic blends. Here are some ways to style polo t-shirts for men.

Polo T-shirts for men are known to be the most exclusive casual wear. And it is said to be the perfect balance between casual and formal wear for men. Fashion trends may come and go, but polo T-shirts have remained versatile over several decades. The main advantage of wearing a polo t-shirt is, that it looks more classy and goes well with everything. Polo t-shirts throw the best look when paired with denim. It is perfect for casual Friday office wear or it works all of the time if there’s a more casual dress code in your office. Polos are also great for sporting and everyday wear.

everyday polo t-shirts for men


AM - PM Styling tips for a Polo T-shirt:

If you have run out of ways to style up, here are some ideas to style a Polo T-shirt in multiple ways in a day. 

6 AM

Start every morning with these versatile active wears. Whether it is jogging, walking, or heading to the gym polo T-shirts are always a good option. The breathable and sweat-friendly fabric makes it a perfect attire for excessive workouts. 

1 PM

It's lunchtime and suddenly friends call out for a last-minute outing. Polo T-shirts for men are good ones for last-minute dressing. Pair a polo T-shirt with chinos and loafers as it also gives a semi-formal look and has great fun with friends. 

AM-PM styling tips for polo t-shirt


6 PM

It is time and planning for a night drive along with buddies and wonder what to wear. Here come our everlasting polo t-shirts. Pair a polo T-shirt with shorts and shoes which give a great off-road look. If you're going for a bike ride and want an edgy look to add on an unzipped leather jacket. 

where to shop best polo t-shirt


Wondering where to get a cool Polo T-shirt:

When it comes to polo T-shirts for men Classic Polo has always been a trusted go-to option as there are huge varieties of polo T-shirts available. Classic Polo is one of India's finest mid-premium brands in providing great quality and style for men. Classic Polo is very customer loyal and hence produces premium quality fashion apparel for men. If you are looking for a premium range polo T-shirt then their Sedos collection is an essential one. It is made of 100% premium double mercerized Egyptian cotton. It comes in an authentic fit and gives a soft glossy look for a dapper look. vibe yourself with twelve unique colors available in Sedos polo T-shirts. 

So why wait? Refresh your wardrobe with a unique color range of polo T-shirts. Shop at the nearest Classic Polo T-shirt or shop through

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