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Shirts for Men - The Game Changer

Shirts for Men - The Game Changer


Shirts for men play a most essential part of everyday attire and it is basically used for workwear whether it is casual or formal. Style is not only about self-expression, it is also important to be styled according to the environment. Men's wardrobes will always be filled with different types of shirts but make sure that it is appropriate for all occasions. Try to make your own fashion statement by trying different types of outfits. Casual shirts are mostly used for workwear and formal shirts for interviews and business meetings in men's fashion. Casual shirts can spell the magic to adapt to all occasions. One can explore more fashionable styles in casual shirts when compared to formal shirts. There are different types of shirts available such as oxford shirts, cuban collar shirts, flannel shirts, etc. Different types of shirts will be trending in each season and nowadays it is pique, camouflage and denim shirts. Each type of shirt will have its own specifications in fabric, sleeves, collar, fits and unique colours. The fabric used in making the shirts should be soft, breathable and comfortable. Comfortable clothing will always give you a clear and confidence to step into the world to follow all your dreams.
Shirts for Men

What is an oxford shirt?

Oxford cloth stands out for being light, lustrous, and soft and it is made of 100% cotton. The weave in oxford cloth is known as basketweave or Panama weave which is mainly used in making high-quality shirts for men. Mostly oxford shirt will be a button-down shirt for men which is predominantly considered a sporty style. It was invented as an informal shirt later it was considered to be more formal than a t-shirt. The three types of oxford cloth are plain, pinpoint and royal whereas plain and pinpoint fabric is mainly used in casual button-down shirts. The pinpoint is made of finer yarn which gives a tighter weave than the plain and it has a pin and dot texture in the fabric. Royal oxford has a distinctive and significant texture which is softer and lighter and it is mainly used for formal and business attire. 

Outfit Ideas for Men:

Generally, men don't follow any outfit ideas they go with their own ideas. Sometimes it may look good and sometimes not, it is always preferred to know some outfit ideas to make yourself appealing. Choose the right fit that suits your body type. Hunting down shirts for men will be a challenging task for men out there here are some ideas to gear up:

Pair a black oxford button-down shirt with blue jeans and complete the look with casual white shoes and get a stylish look.

Consider pairing a white button-down shirt with a navy blue t-shirt, or jeans and get a stylish look.

Go on trending by wearing ripped blue jeans with a dark navy blue shirt and complete the look with white slip-on sneakers.

Pair a formal white shirt with self-checked grey trousers with formal shoes to get a dazzling look at your office.
Shirts for Men

Where to get a premium oxford shirt?

Classic Polo is one of India’s finest mid-premium brands that produce A-Z of men's wardrobes collections with great quality & style. The quality is superior oxford shirts and other types of apparel. It is made of 100% high-quality cotton to provide a comfortable and classic look. The Enzo superior oxford shirt for men has a Milano fit and is available in a wide range of colours for both half and full sleeves. Classic Polo never fails to meet all its customer expectations and its ultimate aim is to satisfy all men in their fashion lifestyle. Shop at Classic Polo and upgrade your  wardrobe for the best collections ever!.

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