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The perfect partner for your every  move

The perfect partner for your every move


The comfort factor is the major de-facto when it comes to track pants for men. It is also known as jogger  which has a relaxed fit especially worn for leisure and workout wear. It has always been men's first choice because of its comfort and style. One should be able to find the best track pants that are valued for money. Track pants are similar to joggers but are usually made from cotton and polyester blends that are smooth, soft, cozy, and wrinkle-free. Track pants are as comfortable as pajamas which provide a carefree attitude all day. These pants are sweat and moisture absorbent hence it is prefered choice for athletic events and workouts. It has an increase in popularity  as a streetwear and men's wardrobe is habitually filled with some track pants as it has become a fashion statement rather than a wear. Here are different types of track pants. 

It's now quite evident to see young men casually stroll around in track pants in theaters, malls, streets, cafes, etc. Modern men can dig into varieties of track pants that are available such as leisure, cropped, sporty, relaxed, etc. Make sure you choose the right track pants that are comfortable for you whether it is meant for running, playing a sport, or sweating out in the gym.  

Track pants -  and its types:

Everyday track pants:

It is the comfortable choice of outfit if you are planning to hangout out with friends or for a brunch date. No matter how you choose to spend a day these pants provide unbeatable comfort and versatility. Everyday track pants have increased in popularity in modern men's wardrobes. 

A monochrome for an everyday look, choose a black Polo T-shirt with black track pants and complete the look with a pair of white sneakers.  

track pants for everyday

Sporty track pants:

Be it for Jogging or gym, men would love to get a refreshing sporty look. Track jackets and track pants work together to give a bold sporty appearance. It totally boosts your confidence in the sport when you're wearing a tracksuit and pants.

Pair a sporty black track pant with a white t-shirt and a black hooded track jacket and finish the look with a set of sports shoes. 

sporty track pants for men

Cropped track pants:

Also known as capris or capri pants, these pants measure just about ¾ th length  which is for both casual and workouts. They usually have an elastic waistband or drawstring which makes them easy to wear. It gives a stylish look.  

Get a casual look by pairing a grey full sleeve t-shirt with dark navy blue pants and complete with a slide on for a movie night.

cropped track pants for men

Relaxed track pants:

These pants are tailored in such a way to give more space and extreme comfort to the wearer. It's worn as leisurewear to laze around the house and binge watch a Netflix series during the weekend. It can be fitted for people who are in between sizes, adds to their benefit.

Pairing a grey track pants with a casual blue t-shirt would be a perfect choice to get a relaxed look. Get in to know the casual wardrobe basics for men.

Searching where to shop ???

Shop the excellent quality economically mid-range track pants from Classic Polo. It is known as India's finest mid-premium brand that produces A-Z of men's apparel & clothing with great quality and style. The Inox track pants from Classic Polo are made of pique interlock fabric which is a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Stay on top of the heap with this pair of contemporary track pants which is lightweight, making it perfect leisure apparel. The elasticated waistband provides the perfect grip and makes it effortless to wear, the paspel pockets are super convenient for those days on run or workouts. Classic polo has never failed in satisfying its ultimate customer, the fully enhanced team is keenly working and is determined by great quality and style to their fellow men. 

To feel the ultimate comfort during your leisure time shop at your nearest Classic Polo outlet or shop through a website.  

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