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Complete Guide to a Perfect Innerwear for Men 

Complete Guide to a Perfect Innerwear for Men 


Perfect inner wear for men has always been a priority to look confident and be comfortable. Inner comfort is also as vital as the outer appearance. Inner wear is an essential part of everyday attire. Choosing the right inner wear that is comfortable and will set your tone and comfort throughout the day. In recent times there are multiple varieties of inner wear are being introduced. Men out there are always confused about choosing the right inner wear. There are different types of inner wear for men such as briefs, boxer briefs, boxer, trunks, etc. There are different types of vests for the gym. Here is how  to bust all confusion and provide a complete men's guide to a perfect inner wear 

Fabric: A good pair of inner wear should have a quality fabric, flexibility, breath ability along with style and comfort that lasts for many days. Cotton fabric is almost always preferred as it is economic and provides breath ability even during long hours of usage. But when it comes to sportswear and workouts/elastane spandex material is preferred as its stretch effect is comfortable for fitness. 

Style: Each type of inner wear has its own style and shape. There are different types of inner wear available such as briefs, boxer briefs, trunks, boxers, etc. briefs are considered to be the most common and comfortable style for men because it gives the best support and coverage. 

Fit: Choose the right size according to the body type if it is between sizes then it is said always go for size up. Fit also plays a major role because the right fit gives the right comfort.

Color: Colors define their own style statement. The most satisfying time spent shopping is for choosing the right color. Choose an inner wear that is seamless and light color for tight and light color trousers. Blue, white, black, and grey are considered good choices of colors when it comes to inner wear for men.

Tips to Maintain underwear:

Thinking how to choose perfect Inner wear The Thumb rule is to change your inner wear every day. When it comes to maintaining inner wear it is preferred to hand-wash it with hypoallergenic detergents. Don't mix up the underwear with other clothes wash it separately and store it separately. Because it sits up against the most sensitive skin area for a long period of time. Maintaining a proper underwear rule, will help to maintain proper intimate hygiene. Here are some amazing tips to keep your life healthy and happy.

When to say goodbye to your Inner wear? 

In general, it is suggested to replace your inner wear every three to six months. Also, Inner-wears should be replaced when it is threadbare or stained to prevent bacteria build-up and chafing. Likewise, if the elastic in the waistband is worn out or the shade of fabric is changed, then it is time to replace your old inner wear. Bunching, rolling, and sagging are signs of your inner wear getting old, wherein the fabric has lost stretch effect, and so it's advised to change your underwear immediately with newer models and a vibrant choice of colors, fabrics, and designs. 

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Classic Polo is one of India’s finest mid-premium brands that produce A-Z of men's wardrobes with great quality & style. They provide premium quality inner wear for men in a wide range. 100% Hand-picked premium quality cotton is being used in manufacturing the premium briefs which gives a comfortable feel from the inside out to the wearer. Features like Hi-tech waistbands are designed to sit comfortably above the hip and make it so comfortable and provide
excellent grip.
Comfortable Wear from inside out
It features solid contrast design patterns that make it look more stylish. The double-layered contoured pouch design holds for maximum support and comfort. The choice of premium combed cotton and high absorbency fabric further promises to provide you with a softer feel to the skin. It comes in five assorted color patterns in a single pack and a high-rise and low-rise fit makes them look classy. So Why wait? Go grab the perfect inner wear for men from your nearest
 Classic Polo outlet or from our website  and have a comfortable and trending lifestyle.

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